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Welcome to MMA Dublin.

Welcome to MMA DUBLIN where we specialise in Mixed Martial Arts private and group classes. Mixed Martial Arts is extremely popular and can go by many names; Ultimate Fighting (UFC, Pride), Vale Tudo, No Rules Fighting (NHB), Cage Fighting, Total Fighting etc.

We teach Striking, Throws, Takedowns, Grappling and Submissions. Our teaching philosophy is to train you up in all of the fighting ranges (Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling) so that you are proficient no matter what your opponent's strategy is. MMA training is great for fitness and strength. MMA is a complete body workout which has been adapted from many different styles of Martial Arts. It is suitable for men, women and children looking to increase fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, self defense and confidence. Many people are fans of MMA but never want to compete. We cater for people who are not interested in competition as well as those who are. We specialise in Private (one to one) classes, 7 days a week. Private classes are great for maximum learning and development in a minimum of time. These are our most popular classes and a lot of people use these classes to gain a quick head start in MMA. We also offer a wide range of group classes. Which can be found in our classes section on this site. No need to be nervous. There are new people starting all the time so you wont be out of place. Please check out our class details. For a full listing click here